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About the Journal

In life, there are circumstances that can bring you down to your knees in hurt, pain, grief, disappointment, guilt, and regret. You are left feeling completely lost and broken wondering why and how this is happening to your life. You are a good person, you have a good heart, and you are good to others, so why is it that you just cannot seem to catch a break? These feelings of frustration, confusion and self-doubt can tear you down deep to your core, while most certainly testing your faith.

A new Dawn, a new Day & a new YOU!

Dawn of a New Day is a 21-day inspirational journal that will help you renew your faith, mind and spirit, while discovering what you have been needing all along – an intimate relationship with God. Through daily scriptures and motivational messages, you will finally get your joy, happiness and peace back, as you embrace the many twists and turns of life. By taking just a few minutes to enter into His presence each day, your entire existence will be transformed. Let today mark the beginning of your pursuit to discover a new dawn, a new day and a new you!


DAWN’s Kindness

Dawn of a New Day is a journal created to continuously bless the lives of others. In addition to transforming the lives of readers, the journal will help the many organizations that work daily to transform the lives of people, communities, and cities.

DAWN’s Diamonds

A nonprofit organization will be selected each month to receive a percentage of proceeds made from book sales. The journal will help fund the many programs provided by these organizations that positively transforms lives.

DAWN’s Gems

In addition to our monthly Dawn’s Diamond organization, additional nonprofit organizations can request to host a book signing as a fundraising activity. A percentage of the book sales made during the event will benefit the organization.

DAWN’s Legacy

The HUNTER NEWTON LEGACY Endowment is a scholarship established at Tiffaney Dale’s Alma Mater, The University of North Texas for qualifying students. A percentage of book sales will be contributed to the scholarship fund.


About the Author

TIFFANEY DALE is an award-winning business owner, philanthropist, speaker, and author, who gives selflessly of her time, talent, and treasures to empower and uplift the lives of others. She is passionate about continuing her family’s legacy of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and education.